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A letter from HSAA President John Nero Minimize

To everyone in our organization,

Some of you may have noticed that I have been alluding to "Big Projects" in the works at Holy Spirit Athletic Association this year, either via email or on our Facebook page. Today, I am proud to announce one of those projects that is about to commence. Earlier this year we applied for - and subsequently received approval for - two grants totaling $437,000 that will go towards a major renovation of the Holy Spirit Athletic Association/Father Frey Soccer Field, including:

  • Renovating our two bathrooms
  • Upgrades to the lights at our field
  • Installing a new bermuda grass field

We are all very excited about this project and view it as a once-in-a-lifetime/game-changer for our organization. The grant opportunity was made possible by the Bridgeton Landfill Community Project Fund, which is a component fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation. 

This was a collaborative project and there are many people to thank for their efforts, including everyone on our HSAA board: 

Alissa Nicks, VP

Pete Kielhofner, Treasurer

Andrea Snowden, Corresponding Secretary

John Keeven, Recording Secretary

as well as...

Melissa Benedict, former HSAA President and current Sports Commissioner

Shawn Benedict, our long-time field manager

Ken Schrumpf, former HSAA treasurer

and last, but certainly not least...

Jenny Flores, who brought this opportunity to my attention earlier this year and then spearheaded our successful grant application! 

Last Monday afternoon, July 13, we welcomed Elizabeth George and Nikki Martinez from the St. Louis Community Foundation to HSAA so they can see the "before" version of our field. Our treasurer, Pete Kielhofner, and I also signed the official grant agreement!

I would also like to thank our pastor at Holy Spirit, Fr. Bob Evans, for his enthusiastic and generous support of this project!

In addition to the grant, we would also like to thank Madalynn Kester, mother of Jerry Kester and grandmother of Timmy and Emma Kester, for making an extremely generous $5,000 donation to HSAA earlier this year that is earmarked towards the lighting upgrades! 

Our timeline is to address the lighting upgrades as soon as possible, before we get deep in to the soccer season and it starts getting dark earlier. Tree trimming - which will also enhance the lighting - is also on the table, as is possible tree removal. 

Assuming the kids are able to play soccer this season, we would break ground in the months after the season is concluded and the bermuda grass would be sprigged in May or early June of next year, making the field playable well in advance of the 2021 soccer season. Our goal is to provide our athletes one of the best CYC soccer fields in the St. Louis Metropolitan area!   

It has been a tough few months for our community and our country. It's our hope that this project, which is a true blessing for our parish and our organization, gives everyone involved in our program something to look forward to as we eventually move past COVID-19 and can resume a sense of normalcy in our lives- going back to church, kids going back to school and playing sports again. 

Thanks for reading!

John Nero

HSAA President  

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