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Blueprint for the Successful CYC Parent Minimize

Children learn by observing. Parents must exhibit leadership, sportsmanship, and character if they expect their child to develop these highly desirable traits.


  • Be supportive of team managers and coaches. Respect decisions.
  • Be an active supporter as a fan and as a parent solicit feedback of your child regarding their progress and how their team is developing.
  • Be cognizant that all players will not possess the same skills.
  • Display stewardship and assistance with your parish associations and the CYC athletic program.
  • Do not burden your child to perform outside his/her capabilities. A child doing his/her best IS good enough.
  • Respect the facilities where events are held and assist to make them better.
  • Attend practices and contests when time permits. Every effort should be taken to see that your child is present in advance of the start of each game and practice.
  • Celebrate individual as well as team improvements.

Responsibilities of the parent

  • Make yourself aware of the coach's expectations, team guidelines and policies of the CYC Athletic program. Attend any team meetings your child 's coach may schedule
  • Obtain and reference the CYC Constitution.
  • Take the time to know your child's coach and assistants.
  • Notify the coach as early as possible, if your child can not attend a team event.
  • Know and respect the teams' practice and league schedule. Ensure your child is present and picked up accordingly.
  • Read and respond to informational notices supplied by the team manager.
  • Read and consent to all items required by the parental consent contract.
  • Provide safe personal equipment.
  • Know the rules of the game. Obtain and read the basic and supplemental rules of the sport. Attend any pre-season rule or coordination meetings offered for parents and players.


  • Before you attend a game or practice know that regardless of what happens you must have a calming influence and demonstrate adult behavior.
  • Accept winning and losing in accordance with Christian ideals and principles. Emphasize leadership, sportsmanship, effort and character. Do not over emphasize winning or results.
  • Respect all players, coaches, and officials at all times.
  • Always encourage your team and players. Never jeer or ridicule your opponents or game officials.
  • Make your child's experience a positive one through your adult behavior and support.
  • Make the trips to and from games/practices a pleasant and positive experience.
  • At the game keep all comments to players, coaches, fans, and officials positive. Any constructive criticism should be directed to your parish athletic association or district.
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their family members and guests.
  • Ensure that your child is having fun!